#RescueTheRescuers: An Attempt to Rescue 162 Afghans

We are on a mission to help Paws Unite People rescue 162 Afghans who worked with Kabul Small Animal Rescue (KSAR), a US non-profit organization operating in Afghanistan during the US occupation of Afghanistan.

Help Afghan Children and Families

We are calling on the community to provide funds for the urgent relocation of 162 Afghan children, women, and men to the United States. The Afghans in our group worked with Kabul Small Animal Rescue (KSAR), a US non-profit operating in Afghanistan, and were left behind during the September 2021 US evacuation of Afghanistan.

The US State Department, as of November 2021, claimed that 14,000 U.S. legal permanent residents remained in Afghanistan, according to an article by Foreign Policy, of which around 400 were US citizens. Many were Afghan citizens that qualify for U.S. permanent residency via military jobs, non-governmental organization positions, and humanitarian and journalist positions.

United States Closes Embassy in Kabul

Prior to the evacuation of Afghanistan by US Armed Forces, the State Department made the decision to close the United States Embassy in Kabul. The only US Embassy in Afghanistan, now closed. Afghans who qualify for US immigration and those seeking refugee status are now required to cross into third-party countries to resume processing, without any support for housing or security costs.

Leaving Taliban-controlled Afghanistan often puts the families of these individuals at risk, especially those who left for journalist or humanitarian reasons. The Taliban has actively pursued journalists, humanitarians, and other free-spoken individuals alongside the minority groups like the Hazara.

Today's Status

We have a group of 162 Afghan children, women, and men that need urgent relocation to the United States. Many of our group remains outside of Afghanistan, but it comes with a cost. Paws Unite People, our friends who are directly organizing and funding the movement of these people, are paying for the housing, food, and security — a cost that is becoming hard to maintain alone.

Donating to the Cause

We need your help to fund the relocation and care of these Afghan people. Paws Unite People has created a Giving Grid fundraiser that you can use to securely donate to their fund to #RescueTheRescuers.

Keeping Afghan Children Safe

Thanks to donations like yours, some of these Afghan children and families have made it safely to the United States. One of the Afghan girls in the care of Paws Unite People will be able to go to school this year in the United States, an opportunity that doesn't exist for her in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

Meet the Afghans in Our Group

The 162 Afghan citizens in our group are the women and men who worked side-by-side with the operators of Kabul Small Animal Rescue (KSAR) in Kabul, Afghanistan and their children and families. They are trained and professional veterinarians, working hard to rescue dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals from the streets of Kabul during and after the US occupation of Afghanistan.

In the long-term, Attempt Global and Paws Unite People are dedicated to helping these Afghan citizens reapply for and recertify for their careers in the United States. According to Banfield Pet Hospital, the shortage of qualified veterinarians in the United States will leave an estimated 75 million pets without veterinarian services by 2030.

For the children in our group, we hope to provide them with a safe place to study their desired academic goals and find opportunities that fit their desires within the United States. We encourage and promote their education, and we are already seeing one Afghan girl go into the school system here for a brighter future, an opportunity that doesn't exist for her in Afghanistan.

The 162 Afghan citizens in our group qualify for Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) as they worked for and with a US non-profit organization based in Afghanistan during wartime. The closure of the US Embassy in Kabul prevented these Afghans from finalizing their documents and interview process with the State Department and the US government, preventing them from having a viable status to board US evacuation planes.

Paws Unite People has been working directly with the US State Department to evacuate these individuals and finish processing in a third-party country. The funds we need now are for housing costs outside of Afghanistan and relocation costs for those still stuck in Afghanistan.

We are pleased to hear that KSAR and their partners at SPCAI and other non-profit organizations have successfully evacuated the animals to Canada and other safe countries. We are focused on the people who were left behind and were not evacuated.

Although Paws Unite People has sought funding outside of the general community, including with non-profits and government agencies that were involved with the evacuation of the KSAR animals, attempts have been unsuccessful.

SPCA International, an organization that worked with KSAR to evacuate the animals, has provided a $20,000 match on donations to Paws Unite People.

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