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Registering with Attempt Global allows you to easily donate to our mission, review previous donations, and interact with other features on our website like our online store. It is possible to donate to our mission without an account on our Donate page.

By registering, you enable us to connect with you in the future about updates on our operations and provide information about specific campaigns, new products on our online shop, and keep you up-to-date on our long-term objectives. It is one of the many ways, including Twitter and Facebook, that we can stay in touch about how we will help to end human and animal suffering.

Account Security and Privacy

We understand that your security and privacy is extremely important. For several years, our Director has been security-focused in his career. As such, many of those attributes will carry on to this organization. There are many ways that we will focus on your security and privacy while you use our website.

The first step we took in terms of privacy is that we will not track any information about you, as defined by our Privacy Policy, until you have accepted the terms of our Privacy Policy. By accepting our Privacy Policy, you allow us to collect anonymous data including geographical information, anonymous demographic information collected by Google Analytics, Twitter, and Facebook, and other information that help us understand the diversity and concentrations of our user base.

We also do not sell any of the information that you provide, nor do we provide the information to third-party organizations or companies that do not directly help us in completing the tasks you take on our website. In some cases, your information may be shared with our warehouses, our payment processors, or other third-party companies to help us facilitate your transactions, orders, and requests on our website.

In terms of security, all of our systems and data centers are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant, and we never store your card information on our systems or in our databases. Card information is processed by and stored by our third-party payment processors, like Stripe and PayPal, in encrypted format.

In addition to securing your card information, we use industry-grade encryption to secure your session while you browse our website. When you're using our website, your connection is always encrypted via TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. As technology continues to change and adapt, we will continue to change our security standards to meet industry expectations.

Finally, your account can be fully secured using two-factor authentication via mobile application using Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP). As SMS two-factor is not secure, we do not currently have a two-factor authentication option via SMS. If you are unable to use two-factor authentication via a mobile application, you may enable two-factor authentication via e-mail. Please note that even via e-mail is less secure than via mobile application. For your security, you are required to enable two-factor authentication on our website.

If you lose your two-factor authentication device, or no longer have access to your e-mail, you can reach out to our team via our Contact page for assistance recovering your account.