Our Roadmap

This should not be considered an exhaustive list of our projects, but rather a starting point to our mission. We intend to help people and animals whenever and wherever we possibly can in the time leading up to our big objectives. These are objectives that will take much longer to bring into reality, and are not inclusive of smaller objectives which will be handled on an as-they-occur basis.

* - The ability to launch these projects will depend entirely on funding and events that occur abroad in the meantime. We sincerely hope to be able to see these projects through, but will need your support to do so.

Afghanistan is at the forefront of our initiative list

While below are explanations of our biggest goals and ambitions all-in-one, we are currently on a mission and part of an active operation with another non-profit. This mission is the forefront of our initiative and will remain so until fully executed. We have a group of approximately 162 Afghan individuals that are at-risk for persecution, torture, and death still in Afghanistan. These individuals are part of minority groups, like the Hazara, have worked with the US Government (USG), and have worked with US non-profit corporations during the US occupation of Afghanistan.

Together, alongside Paws Unite People (non-profit corporation based out of New York), we hope to help these Afghans receive immediate evacuation from the country of Afghanistan, and provide for them when they reach their destination following the evacuation.

Paws Unite People have worked hard to evacuate a large portion of the group. Many individuals are being housed outside of the country, awaiting US Government processing to join some that are on US soil. Some individuals, however, remain in Afghanistan. We need your help to fund the migration of the people remaining in Afghanistan, and the housing and food requirements of those housed outside of Afghanistan.

In addition to the initial evacuation effort, we need additional funds to provide these Afghan refugees with clothing, shelter, and food when they reach their resettlement destination. In many cases, refugees are only brought with what they have on their backs.

Our group includes children who will need toys, clothing, and food. The group also includes women and men who are at-risk. Currently, every cent donated to our organization will go towards these Afghan refugees until they are out safely and provided for accordingly.

We will keep you updated on the mission, and appreciate any support you can send our way when we begin accepting donations.

Donations Open

One of our initial objectives in our roadmap is to open donations. Donations will be accepted on our website, and securely processed via our credit card processor, Stripe. Your credit or debit card information will never be stored on our systems, and will be encrypted according to industry-standard security practices.

Our systems are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant, and our credit card processor is also PCI DSS compliant.

We are awaiting the finalization of our non-profit corporation formation prior to accepting donations. Currently, we are a pending non-profit corporation in the process of filing for 501(c)(3) IRS tax-exempt status. All donations will be tax-deductible retroactive to our incorporation date.

Introduction of Our Online Shop

By introducing an online shop, we can provide services and goods to our supporters in addition to the option to donate directly to us. Donations are still the best way to ensure the full amount of your purchase goes towards our mission, however 100% of profits received from the online shop will also go into our mission.

Due to the overhead of logistics, including warehousing and shipping as well as the overhead of product purchasing, we will have an effective profit rate of 10% to 20% from our online store. However, by purchasing from our online store it gives you an opportunity to purchase products that you may need anyways, and donate to us in the process.

We will offer a variety of products, with approximately ten (10) products at launch. These products will include pet supplies, daily human supplies, and toys and trinkets that we find may be useful. We are also planning to have an assortment of chocolate bars, because who doesn't like chocolates from your friendly non-profit?

We purchase all of our products at wholesale prices, and aim to sell them at or slightly below the retailer recommended price. You will also have an option on our online store to donate an additional amount if you choose. The online store could be a great option for getting some goodies each month from us, and helping our mission!

A Bit About the Moldovan Rescue

We are determined to reach our goal in 2022 - 2023 to begin planning and preparing to open a rescue in the country of Moldova, located in Eastern Europe near the Balkans. We hope that we will be able to build an initial animal rescue and staff it for a capacity of 500 dogs and 250 cats.

Those may seem like staggering numbers, but in reality it's a very small fraction of the homeless dog and cat population in Moldova. The fact is, there are around 30,000 homeless dogs alone in Moldova. We could easily reach full capacity within a matter of weeks.

It is our intention to rehabilitate and train dogs that are capable for the purpose of being a service animal. Service animals come in many different shapes and sizes, with different tools in their belts. We can train for a variety of things, including guide dogs, PTSD working dogs, Autism working dogs, and diabetes alert dogs, among others.

From there, we hope to donate these trained service animals to those who cannot afford a service animal. In the United States alone, a service dog can range from $20,000 to $60,000. Many people who would benefit from having a service dog cannot afford one, including children, elderly, and veterans of the United States.

For the animals that cannot be trained to be a service animal, we still want to adopt them to loving homes across the world. We hope that we will be able to fill an animal's heart and a human's heart with each of our animals.

This rescue center would also provide sustainable, well-paid career paths for the Moldovan people, many of whom only make a small amount of money per month and find it hard to live off of. By creating jobs in the community, we hope to also further education in 2024 for our employees by creating one of the first Domestic Animal Veternarian colleges in the country. Currently, the only way for Moldovans to learn about domestic, non-farm animal veternarianship is to go abroad.