Learn More About Attempt Global's Mission

Helping people through partnerships with other organizations to provide immigration support, food, shelter, and other basic needs of life

Providing animal care products and animal rescue efforts to communities in need

Assisting in any way we can to help ensure any individual's or community's well being, for animals and humans alike.

Keeping you informed about the events that occur in the world that affect animals and humans negatively

Our Mission

aims to end human and animal suffering by creating long-term solutions to neglect, abuse, hunger, poverty, and inequality

Attempt Global's mission may come off as overwhelming to some, but to others it would be insanely easy. For us, we like to think that it's a starting point. We know where we stand.

We are a new face to the non-profit game, and we know that it will take time for us to realize our goals and ambitions. Everyone has to start somewhere. We're starting here and now.

Our mission is a combination of what we believe matters most in the world, all living things. We believe that humans and animals should be treated equally, given a second chance, and be provided for when they can't provide for themselves.

Through the determination of our Director, your support, and the generous financial assistance of our donors, we set out to tackle a problem that is engrained in society and civilization. We set out to tackle a problem that if left untouched will result in the death, torture, suffering, and despair of hundreds of thousands of people and animals.

We know our ambitions are big, but we are ready. Are you?