How We Use Your Donation

When you donate to or purchase from Attempt Global, 100% of your donation helps end human and animal suffering.

Donations and online shop profits are used to help in multiple ways, including in filing the necessary paperwork for visas, paying related fees, helping the organization operate and grow, purchasing animal and human food, purchasing clothing, toys and supplies for refugees, and getting us to our goal of opening an Animal Rescue in Moldova by the end of 2023.

Each donation is added to our pool, and we use that pool based on the situation at hand. For instance, the current Afghanistan crisis is the most important thing we're working on and will take up a majority of donations until further notice. While we have big goals, we need to help people now too. We can't wait for our goals to be completed before we help them.

Your donation will always be used towards the success of our mission, helping end human and animal suffering by creating long-term solutions for neglect, abuse, hunger, poverty, and inequality.

Can I Donate to a Specific Cause?

At this time, we are not accepting donations towards a specific cause. While we appreciate that you may wish to donate to a specific location, or a specific purpose, we simply cannot, in good faith, find a way to allow this. We believe that every cause is equally important, and must be prioritized internally based on the real-life circumstances that a cause may have.

We believe that every life matters equally, human and animal, and as such we will use the funds donated to us in a way to prevent any loss of life, period. We want to help every human and animal that we possibly can, and we promise to do that with your donation.

What about Transparency?

We are aware that transparency is the best policy. We will be as transparent as possible in how our donated funds are used, including providing full information about each fund purpose following the use of the funds when it is safe to do so.

Given the nature of our work, we also understand that publicizing too much before everyone is safe may result in catastrophic failures for our organization and others like us. Once it is determined that it is safe to publicize information about a specific operation without jeopardizing the life of others or the success and function of the operation, we will provide detailed information regarding the outcomes, lessons learned, and the take-aways from the operation.

Every experience can be a learning experience, both for us and the general public. We understand that, and will publicize as much detail as possible to assure you that we are doing our best out here and have the best intentions in mind for humans and animals.