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We are providing all donations and proceeds from our online shop to support 162 refugees under the care of Paws Unite People, a non-profit organization based in New York.

Growing Costs

Costs have continued to grow since the August 2021 withdrawal of US troops. Food, shelter, and basic needs of life have skyrocketed in an unstable economy. We need your help.

Raising Funds

Attempt Global is raising funds to provide for the resettlement of Afghan refugees — including clothing, food, shelter, and toys for children.

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Help us #RescueTheRescuers

In August of 2021, the United States military hastefully evacuated Afghanistan after twenty years of conflict in the country. The United States left behind thousands of US citizens and at-risk Afghan citizens. These Afghan citizens included people who:

Paws Unite People is responsible for a group of 162 Afghans left behind during the evacuation. All of them qualify for special visa status in the United States, but cannot obtain processing due to the US decision to close the US Embassy in Afghanistan. In order to process their visa status, Paws Unite People have needed to provide shelter in third-party countries to process their visas. The United States government does not pay for the lodging or care for these individuals.

We are asking you to help us #RescueTheRescuers. All donations and online shop earnings will go directly to Paws Unite People to benefit these 162 individuals, many of whom are women and children.

In Afghanistan, girls are not allowed to attend schools under Taliban control. Thanks to generous donations to the #RescueTheRescuers mission, the little girl of a Kabul Small Animal Rescue veterinarian has enrolled in school in Phoenix, AZ.

Evacuation from Afghanistan

The mission to evacuate these 162 refugees, many of whom are women and children, is already underway. The government dispute between the Taliban, United States, and the third-party country where their visas must be processed prior to their landing on US soil continues to be a problem. There are no US Embassies or Consulates in the country of Afghanistan, which means the only way these individuals can process their pending visas is to first seek asylum in another country with a US Embassy.

Paws Unite People, a New York non-profit corporation, has been working for over six months to find a third-party country that will accept these refugees. Many of these Afghans have been safely relocated to third-party countries, but some still remain within the borders of Aghanistan. Due to passport office closures and diplomatic tensions, moving Afghan citizens has continued to be challenging. In order to fund the shelter and safe travel of these Afghans, we need your help.

Our partner has secured funding for a plane, and is now working with several governments to orchestrate a safe evacuation from Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Given the sensitivity of the mission, we are not at liberty to disclose exact plans or conversations at this time. We are working hard to support Paws Unite People, and funds gathered from this donation drive will be used to benefit Afghan refugees once they have landed outside of Afghanistan.

How are funds being used?

After the refugees have landed outside of Afghanistan, we will use funds to ensure these refugees have basic needs to live. Food, water, shelter, clothing, and toys for the children. Our group contains women, children, and men.

Once the Afghan refugees have left the processing center and are headed to the United States, we will use funds for their relocation and resettlement to help provide furniture, housing, clothing, and toys. We will help make them feel welcomed in America, provide them with the resources they need to obtain a job again, and get them back on their feet.

Afghan refugees leave their country without knowing what will come next, how to obtain clothing and shelter, and without basic life requirements. We aim to help them obtain all of these things with the donations we receive.

After this group is taken care of, we will continue to use these funds for Afghan refugees outside of this group. There are over 100,000 Afghan refugees that were evacuated by the United States — and thousands more that remain unevacuated. We will do everything in our power to secure shelter and safety for these people.

Following the Afghanistan crisis, we will be using funds to further future objectives and operations, to help more people and animals through our mission.