We need your help to #RescueTheRescuers in Afghanistan


There are more than ten different ethnicities in Afghanistan, including the Pashtun, Hazara, and Tajik.


The Taliban is primarily composed of Pashtun people, with a majority of Tajiks, Turkmens, and Uzbeks.


More than 15,000 Hazara people were executed by the Taliban during their previous reign from 1996 to 2001.


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Paws Unite People, a non-profit organization in New York, is working to evacuate 162 at-risk Afghans inside Afghanistan.

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Help us #RescueTheRescuers

In August of 2021, the United States military hastefully evacuated Afghanistan after twenty years of conflict in the country. The United States left behind thousands of US citizens and at-risk Afghan citizens. These Afghan citizens included people who:

Paws Unite People is responsible for a group of 162 Afghans left behind during the evacuation. All of them qualify for special visa status in the United States, but cannot obtain processing due to the US decision to close the US Embassy in Afghanistan. In order to process their visa status, Paws Unite People have needed to provide shelter in third-party countries to process their visas. The United States government does not pay for the lodging or care for these individuals.

We are asking you to help us #RescueTheRescuers. All donations and online shop earnings will go directly to Paws Unite People to benefit these 162 individuals, many of whom are women and children.

War Displaces Thousands of Civilians

War, no matter the country, displaces civilians. Thousands of Afghans were displaced by the rapid takeover by the Taliban regime in the weeks following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. Afghan journalists and activists have suffered physical pain, torture, and even death since the Taliban rose to power.

Private foundations and non-profit organizations like Attempt Global and Paws Unite People are on a mission to provide shelter, food, and reassurances to these people — many of whom worked with the US military or US non-profit organizations based in Afghanistan.

It's Easy to Support Afghan Families and Children

Supporting the Afghan children and families being assisted by Paws Unite People is easy. For more information on how to support the #RescueTheRescuers mission, check out our Rescue the Rescuers Support Page.

America: A Future for Afghan Girls

Under Taliban control girls are not allowed to participate in school and women cannot work in Afghanistan. In America, these Afghan children will be able to participate in school and create a future for themselves and their families.

Imagine Leaving Your Home

Imagine leaving your home abruptly, forced to leave everything you knew because a repressive regime has gained control. That's exactly what happened in September of 2021, when the United States ended their occupation of Afghanistan and the Afghan National Army was unable to thwart the forces of the Taliban.

Keeping Afghan Children Safe

The #RescueTheRescuers mission is focused on keeping Afghan children and families safe by helping them resettle in the United States. Once in America, the Afghans who worked with Kabul Small Animal Rescue (KSAR) to rescue dogs, cats, and other domestic animals from the street, will continue their veterinarian work.

What is Attempt Global All About?

Attempt Global aims to end human and animal suffering by creating long-term solutions to neglect, abuse, hunger, poverty, and inequality.

Our mission statement, featured above, is important to us. We spent hours trying to figure out what exactly we wanted to tackle. We knew we wanted to help people and animals, and we knew we wanted to help all over the world. Our mission statement gives us the ability to do both.

It is our promise to you, our supporters and donors, our family and friends, our colleagues and partners, that we will work hard every day to make the world a better place and to help each and every person and animal that we can.

A Message From the Director


I hope this finds you and your family in good health and safe. The reason I started this non-profit corporation was because while it is my hope that this finds everyone secure and without illness, I can't be assured that everyone will be. The world as we know it has an odd way of forcing people to find help on their own.

There are times when self-help can be beneficial, and I have personal experience with that. However, there are times when a person cannot help themselves. They've been beaten down, they've been broken, they've been financially unsuccessful. We should never hold it against them that they were unable to help themselves out of these situations, but instead give them a helping hand.

This sentiment reigns even higher when we talk about animals, who literally cannot help themselves. Domesticated animals rely on us to help them, and there's no reason that we shouldn't.

It's unreasonable to say that we will help every person and animal in the world, but what I can say is that we will do our best to help every human and animal that crosses our path. We will reach out to donors for financial support where necessary, and I will personally chip in.

I'm a small business owner, and while I don't have the money that some people in the world have, I will spend every dime I possibly can towards this mission. How can I, in good faith, ask for your donation if I'm not willing to contribute myself?

Starting immediately, every year my for-profit corporations will begin donating a minimum of 20% of their profits towards Attempt Global's mission. In business, we have used our own products, we have spread the word of our amazing products and services by using them ourselves, so why wouldn't I contribute to my own non-profit? Of course I will.

We are here to end human and animal suffering. It may take a decade, it may take a century. We will be part of it alongside current and future non-profit partnerships. I look forward to helping anyone I possibly can, because we should.

In the same time, I look forward to working for each and every one of our supporters and donors. We will remain as transparent as possible, we will serve our communities and communities abroad. We will bring hope to the world one human and one animal at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to interacting with you in the near future. It is with sincere sadness in my heart that I feel compelled to start this adventure, but it is with equally genuine joy in my heart that we begin this journey together.


Dave Russell Jr

Director of Attempt Global

Our Roadmap

All donations, including proceeds earned from our online shop, are being redirected to Paws Unite People, who are taking care of 162 Afghans in need until further notice.

As we continue to grow, we have set out an extensive roadmap internally. These are some of our objectives, as well as some of the ways we intend to fund our objectives.

This should not be considered an exhaustive list of our projects, but rather a starting point to our mission. We intend to help people and animals whenever and wherever we possibly can in the time leading up to our big objectives. These are objectives that will take much longer to bring into reality, and are not inclusive of smaller objectives which will be handled on an as-they-occur basis.

* - The ability to launch these projects will depend entirely on funding and events that occur abroad in the meantime. We sincerely hope to be able to see these projects through, but will need your support to do so.